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Campground In A Picturesque Area

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It can be just as disappointing to a parent, as it is to a kid, when plans fall through or other obligations come up to spoil your family time. However, the kids tend to take it a little more personally, so when you can find a little time, perhaps a short camping trip would be good idea. It won't matter to the kids if you have ancient camping gear or if you decide to go to a campground in someplace that they have never heard of before. They will only remember that you spent time together as a family.

Actually there are some really great places to camp. Whether you are traveling by camper or in a new or used RV, there are a few spots worth mentioning and checking out. If you are traveling with kids, then be sure to check into staying at a family campground if possible, as there will be more activities for the kids to enjoy.

Of course you can't leave out Washington DC, as it proudly serves as the nation's capital. If you can't imagine being able to find a campground in this area, then think again. Rock Creek Park is a gorgeous area to pitch a tent. If it happens to be spring, then be prepared to be awed by the Cherry blossoms. Another good point to this area is that many of the attractions are free. Learning about camping and about our country simultaneously can be a great adventure for kids.

Again, being together is the main goal, but if something can be learned by it also, then by all means pack up the kids, gather up your camping equipment and head out for a great family vacation with memories that will last a lifetime. If you still have no idea where you want to go, then consider doing a campground search online. If you can find a forum, then you may get advice from people who have actually been to a certain location and may have some tips for you. And with an estimated 8,000 public, and 8,000 privately owned campgrounds available, you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

A campground in the Eldorado National Forest Area is another great choice. You have never seen a more picturesque area, as this one in California. It has 4 rivers, 170 lakes and 400 miles of trails for hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. There are so many great areas here that you will have to return for many years to come to make sure you get to see each and every wonderful location. Most important is to be a happy camper, keep your family close and spend some quality time together.

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