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Featured article : Campground In Washington DC

Have you stopped and thought about how much things have changed since you were a kid? Depending on which generation you belong to, your mom may not have worked outside the home, while today a two income family is pretty much the norm. Grabbing time to spend with the family is very important, so why not consider a camping trip? While you may prefer room service and a warm beach, your kids will think it is great. They don't care if you choose a campground in some third world country, or if you had to borrow used camping gear, just as long as you can be there together as a family and have some fun.

Actually there are some really great places to camp. Whether you are traveling by camper or in a new or used RV, there are a few spots worth mentioning and checking out. If you are traveling with kids, then be sure to check into staying at a family campground if possible, as there will be more activities for the kids to enjoy.

Of course you can't leave out Washington DC, as it proudly serves as the nation's capital. If you can't imagine being able to find a campground in this area, then think again. Rock Creek Park is a gorgeous area to pitch a tent. If it happens to be spring, then be prepared to be awed by the Cherry blossoms. Another good point to this area is that many of the attractions are free. Learning about camping and about our country simultaneously can be a great adventure for kids.

Again, being together is the main goal, but if something can be learned by it also, then by all means pack up the kids, gather up your camping equipment and head out for a great family vacation with memories that will last a lifetime. If you still have no idea where you want to go, then consider doing a campground search online. If you can find a forum, then you may get advice from people who have actually been to a certain location and may have some tips for you. And with an estimated 8,000 public, and 8,000 privately owned campgrounds available, you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

If you would like something a little more primitive but still family oriented, then you should check out Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. If you are looking for a campground in this park, then be prepared to walk-in to some of the best sites. One great thing about this camp is the abundance of natural features, such as steep gorges and crystal clear streams that fall into gorgeous pools. The sandstone bluffs and rock outcropping's make this a great place to visit.